Record fall in fossil energy generation

Ember’s European Electricity Review shows a record fall in coal, gas and CO2 emissions in 2023 across the UK and EU in 2023, with a cleaner electricity mix than ever, as renewables took major steps forward.

Fossil fuels dropped by a record 19 per cent in the EU and 16 per cent in the UK to their lowest ever level.

Wind and solar continued to be the drivers of this renewable growth, producing a record 27 per cent of EU electricity in 2023 and achieving their largest ever annual capacity additions. Furthermore, wind generation reached a major milestone, surpassing gas for the first time.

Ember said the continent was "entering a new era of energy transition". It also noted that the war in Ukraine had "accelerated" the desire from nations to move towards greater reliance on renewable energy.

EU renewables rose to a record 44 per cent share of EU power and, for the first time, wind produced more electricity than gas. The UK also accelerated to net-zero with wind and solar accounting for 33 per cent, up from 29% in 2022, and a total renewable and clean energy share of 55 per cent.

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